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 General Questions:

What services do you offer?
Do you print books?
How should I credit P&S on the Front Matter/Copyright Page/for a contest?
Is there a quality difference between PreMade and Custom Covers?
How do we get started? And what happens after that?

 PreMade Cover Questions:

What if I haven’t decided on my title/pen name? Should I wait to buy the premade I like?
I want a print cover, too, but I don’t have all the information, should I wait and order it later?
If I order a PreMade today, but don't have all the info, how long will you keep it for me?
Can I order a print layout later?
Can I order a banner later?
Am I the only one that will have the premade cover that I purchased? Or do you sell them again?
Can I request changes to this premade?
Can I change the final files myself after you send them? I’m good with Photoshop, too!
What about just adding a line of text to the final files myself?
I’m interested in a number of your premades for a series. Can we change the artwork so they are branded the same?
I’d like to buy this premade, but this book is part of a series. Can we make a second/third/fourth/etc. cover that will match?
I’ve changed my mind, can I swap the premade cover I already purchased for a different one?
If I buy the ebook cover only, I can convert it for a print layout myself, right?
I just purchased premade “x”. The image is perfect for my story, but we’ll need to re-crop it, change the font, re-do all the colors and add some additional images to incorporate “y” and “z” elements of my story. Do you need any other information to get started on the art?

 PreMade Series Cover Questions:

What if I only have the title for the first book?
I'd like to rearrange the order of the covers in the series, is that possible?
I'll want print covers, but I don’t have all the information yet, should I wait and order it later?
Can I order print layouts for the series later?
Can I order a banner later?
Can I request changes to one of the designs?
I'll need 5 covers, but the premade series I'm interested in only has 4, how do we handle that?
The premade series I'm interested in has 4 covers, but I only need 3, how do we handle that?

 Custom Cover Questions:

How do I get started on a custom cover design?
How early do I need to schedule for a custom design?
Can I order a print layout later?
Do you offer designs that don’t use stock photography? What about free-hand or digital illustration? Or custom photography?
I’d like to schedule an Economy Custom Cover design, but where should I buy the stock from?
Where do I look at stock for a Pro Custom Cover?
I've found the perfect image, except x/y/z just needs to be Photoshopped. You can do that for me, right?
Can I change my title after we've started?
Can I change my pen name on a project that we’ve already completed?

 Scheduling Questions for Custom Covers:

It’s Monday and I haven't received my proof. Did something go wrong?
We’re working on a custom cover and I plan to be out of town during the week we’ve scheduled. Will this be a problem?
Can I get more proofs after the scheduled week?
Do you offer print layouts/paperback designs/full wraps for POD?
What size are the print layouts?
Can I order the ebook design now and a print layout later?
How do I find the final page number for the spine size?
What if my final page count needs to be changed?
Do you need the ISBN?
I just received the hard copy proof from the printer and there's a problem with the spine alignment. Will you fix it?
I got an error when uploading the CS print-PDF you sent me to LS/IS (or another printer). What happened?
Will you read over the back cover text and tell me what you think?
How should I credit P&S on the Front Matter/Copyright Page/for a contest?

Other Questions:

Do you read the manuscript before designing the cover?
Does the price include the native files/working files/Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. files?
Can I see X/Y/Z change? But I do like it as-is, so we can always change it back later, right?
I’ve already designed my cover in another program (Powerpoint, Word, etc.) and I just need you to prepare it for upload to Kindle/CreateSpace/another company. How much will that cost?