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Print Layouts & Trim Size

Trim Size Comparison for Print Layouts.

Trim size is a key piece of information needed to start a print layout.

In fact, the trim size must be chosen before we can move forward with a print design because it directly effects the proportions of the blank canvas that’s used to start the layout.
A quick-reference diagram is included below to help demonstrate what that means visually.

A few tips and tricks about choosing your trim size:

  • The most popular fiction trim sizes are 6×9, 5.5×8.5, 5.25×8 and 5×8. (Which are the sizes shown in the image below). Here’s a link for more info about trim size options from CreateSpace.
  • Trim size effects royalties and distribution. There is a calculator on CreateSpace’s website to demonstrate how the trim size can influence earnings here.
  • Finally, consider pulling some books off of a shelf and measuring them to see which “feels” right in your hand and use that as a starting point. It gives the decision a more real-life feel instead of just numbers on a screen.

Trim Size Comparison for Print Layouts.

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