Print Bundles (ebook + print designs) are available for both Pre-Made covers & Custom covers. Print designs are +$50 to the price of whichever package (Custom or Pre-Made) you’ve chosen when ordered at the same time as the ebook. If you decide to order the ebook and print designs separately, the price of the print layout will increase.

For the print layout, please send me the following details so I can download the appropriate template. To get started, I’ll only need the top two details on the list. We can use filler text and a “default” spine size for the proof art. I have developed the process precisely so we can finalize your cover long before all the print details are ready and you will have the front cover (ebook) art available for promo and other pre-release work.

  • What company you’re publishing with (CreateSpace, LightningSource or IngramSpark)*
  • What the book’s trim size will be (for example: 6×9)
  • The final page count (this can be a guesstimate to start with, but please note that I will need the fully formatted, ready-to-print page count of your manuscript eventually so the spine size is accurate)
  • What color paper you will print on, assuming your printer has multiple options (usually cream or white). Cream paper is thicker than white paper, so this can effect the final spine size.
  • The back cover blurb
  • Optional: Any other details you’d like on the back, like a brief author bio (one or two sentences), author photo (must be 500×500 pixels @ 300dpi at minimum), links to your website or social media
  • For Lightning Source or IngramSpark ONLY, please include this additional information:
    • ISBN
    • The price, if you’d like it embedded in the barcode on the back cover
    • Gloss or Matte finish on the cover

If the spine size, back text, etc. are still pending during the scheduled week, we’ll develop the design together like normal. Once approval goes through**, the ebook cover will be finalized and emailed to you. At that point, the print layout will be saved until all pertinent details are finalized (page count, back text, etc). Then, to finalize the the print-ready PDF, when you have the details ready let me know (a quick, helpful form is available here). I will update the approved version of the print layout at that point and send the final, print-ready PDF within 2-3 business days.

If you have any questions, just send an email, or visit the Print section of the FAQ. For more details on the design process, please visit the How It Works page.

*If you’re planning to work with a different printing company, please inform me ASAP and expect an increase in the price.
**Please do not expect to receive additional proofs when the final page count and back text are ready. Be sure you are happy with the back and spine layout as well as the front cover art when you submit your approval.

A Print Layout Gallery for past designs:

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