Premade Series Covers #072017SA01 (Perfect Shot Trilogy, Only Sold as a Set)

eBook: $210.00
with Print: $360.00

Before making a premade cover purchase, please review the Optional Revisions page and the premade information on the How It Works page.

Bundle a print layout and/or banner with your order now for additional savings.*

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Before ordering, please review the premade information on the How It Works page.

Some changes to the design are available and included in the price. Other types of changes will require additional charges, and some may simply be unavailable. Please visit the Optional Revisions page to learn more.

To finalize the print layouts, we will need further information (the full list is available on this page), but the trim size is all we need to get started. After you order, please fill out either the Preliminary Print or Final Print Details form to speed up the process. If you’re filling out the Preliminary Print form, please feel free to enter a single approximate page count to use on proofs, unless you expect a 100+ change in final page count between titles.

The Facebook or Twitter banner will be designed for the first book in the series, unless all of the titles are ready on purchase, in which case we will design a series header instead. Click here to view examples of past social media headers.

Any premade purchase from Paper & Sage is released under our standard Royalty-Free, Exclusive License and subject to the Terms of Service found here.

*To receive bundle pricing, all purchased products will be proofed together.

Additional information


Exclusive Standard Royalty-Free

Ebook Only Specs

Full-size (2700x1800px), JPG, 72dpi, also includes web-sized JPG for quick upload

Ebook + Print Bundle Specs

Ebook: Full-size (2550×1595 – 2700x1800px, will vary according to trim size), JPG, 72dpi, also includes web-sized JPG for quick upload
Print: Full-size (varies according to trim size and print company), PDF, 300dpi

Facebook Header Specs

851x315px, JPG, 72dpi

Twitter Header Specs

1500x421px, JPG, 72dpi


Up to 3 proofs included for each in the series

Color Scheme

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Add Print Layout

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Add Social Media Header

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