Coffee Flavored Kisses by Poppy Galbraith

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eBook Cover for Coffee Flavored Kisses by Poppy Galbraith


Jodie Wilkins doesn’t want much out of life.

Actually, that’s not really right. She has learned not to expect much out of life, and that’s an entirely different thing. The glamorous careers and gorgeous boyfriends all seemed to have been snapped up by her friends, where Jodie is left pushing thirty and facing the threat of moving back with her parents after yet another break-up and yet another redundancy, wondering where she went wrong. She dreams of spreading her wings, of finding a new life of excitement and adventure, of being swept off her feet by her own personal Mr Darcy. Right now, however, she’d settle for a job she could keep for longer than a year.

When Jodie finally lands another job as a temporary medical secretary at the local hospital, things look as dismal as ever. Her secretarial colleagues are about as easy to befriend as a bunch of socially awkward Martians, she and her too-high heels quickly end up in a pickle with more men than she can handle and her rich, glamorous department boss, Portia seems to have developed an instant vendetta against her. Not to mention the fact that she doesn’t actually know anything about being a medical secretary, but as she wasn’t entirely truthful on her application, she now has to persuade everyone she does. No mean feat when you don’t know your rectum from your lateral epicondyle.

Then there’s a small matter of not falling in love with the doctors, or rather, one in particular. One extremely unavailable doctor. Any woman falling for this one does so at her peril. Of course, Jodie wouldn’t do that, would she?

It’s not that Jodie looks for trouble, you understand, it’s just that trouble seems to look for her…

Coffee Flavoured Kisses was formerly titled ‘Eeny Meeny Miny Man’. Poppy Galbraith is also the author of Wouldn’t It Be Good, and is the pseudonym of best-selling women’s fiction author, Tilly Tennant.

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