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Author Testimonials

Thank you for making my novel come to life with your beautiful cover! …I had been shopping around for a few weeks before I realized your service was unprecedented.

B.M. Sandy, Someone to Stay


→ March 17, 2017

The process was painless. I expressed my ideas and Christa put them into tangible form… Give her your ideas and let her do her thing. That’s all people need to know.

Jessica Ruddick, Birthright


→ February 16, 2017

I really enjoyed working with Christa. The process was easy, and she responded quickly to questions and comments. I’m really excited to show my cover to the world.

Jessica L Randall, Lovers’ Quarrel


→ January 20, 2017

I think the different available services, from pre-made to the various tiers of custom work are important. As an indie author, I appreciate the ability to balance expense with the level of customization and detail.

Laurie Baxter, A Charlie Brown Christmas & Who Does He Think He’s Fooling?


→ December 1, 2016

Professional Beautiful Art

Janet W. Ferguson, The Southern Hearts Series


→ July 29, 2016

I loved that Christa listened and took on board everything that I wanted. She worked with me to create the perfect cover for my book. She was patient and helpful.

Tee Smith, Collecting Scars


→ July 8, 2016

Christa was professional, receptive to my vision, and a true artist.
I could not be happier with the experience or the results.

K. Vann O’Brien, Wildfire & Avalanche


→ June 9, 2016

Working with Christa was thoroughly enjoyable! …[I]t’s easy and well worth the money!

Jo Hook, Would You Share Your Secret?


→ June 2, 2016

…professional, stylish, and personable…

Rebecca Jamison, Chemistry Lessons


→ May 26, 2016

[Christa] offered detailed explanation[s] of every step … and included me in every aspect of the decision making. When I did not know about dimensions for a blog ad, [she was] ready and willing to help me out without just going over my head with [her] expertise.

Theresa Sopko, Bewilderments of the Eyes


→ February 5, 2016