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Book Cover Art for A Memory of Fire by RL Stedman. Design by Paper & Sage.

A Memory of Fire by RL Stedman

Held captive in a strange city, Dana dreams of fire and flight. There is something she must find, but she does not know what it is, or why it is important. If only her dreams would let her rest…

Book Cover Art for Spoonful Chronicles by Elen Ghulam. Design by Paper & Sage.

Spoonful Chronicles by Elen Ghulam

Thaniya Rasid grew up in the Middle East dreaming of becoming a surgeon. Now living an ordinary life as a mother, wife and a hospital lab tech in Vancouver, Canada, she garners unexpected fame as youTube’s Queen of Hummus when her video demonstrating the recipe goes viral…

Book Cover Art for Graffiti Hack by Elen Ghulam. Design by Paper & Sage.

Graffiti Hack by Elen Ghulam

Nelly Nasah grew up in a culture obsessed with decoration. In her native country, straight lines are anathema. Letters are hand-written into anthropomorphic shapes. Even heart monitoring machines are covered with colourful mosaics. So when Nelly arrives in Washington, D.C. she has a mission—to make the Internet beautiful.

Book Cover Art for Sacrifice by Jessica Ruddick. Design by Paper & Sage.

Sacrifice by Jessica Ruddick

Still reeling from a recent debilitating loss, Ava is convinced she has nothing left to lose. She is proven wrong when she’s forced to cut herself off from the love of her life, Cole, in order to keep his new role as a seeker a secret.

Book Cover Art for Home by Shayna Krishnasamy. Design by Paper & Sage.

Home by Shayna Krishnasamy

Abandoned by her father and ostracized by her fellow villagers, Shallah never imagined she would lead anything but a small, solitary life. But when a mute boy is found on the green and the village council seems poised to cast him out, she elects to accompany him home, though she’s no idea where it might be.

Book Cover Art for Flatlines by S.M. Smith. Design by Paper & Sage.

Flatlines by S.M. Smith

“Sometimes we all have to reach our breaking point before we can start to put ourselves back together.”