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Book Cover Art for The Beauty of Perhaps by Eryn Scott. Design by Paper & Sage.

The Beauty of Perhaps by Eryn Scott

Teacher required. Must have boat. Molly is a predictable, no surprises, plan ahead kind of girl, and the last person who should answer the ad for a teaching job on the remote Scottish island of Lilliebrae.

eBook Cover Art for Undone by Lysa Daley design by Paper & Sage.

Undone by Lysa Daley

“Undone” is the third and highly anticipated final book in the action-packed “Dark Skies Trilogy” by best-selling author Lysa Daley.

Book Cover for Imprint by Nicholas Adams. Design by Paper & Sage.

Imprint by Nicholas Adams

Doctor. Savior. Prisoner. Malcolm Silvestra’s Synthetic Organ Replacement technique saved the lives of thousands of people.

Book Cover Art for Double Dealing by Lisa Hartley. Design by Paper & Sage.

Double Dealing by Lisa Hartley

When Mark Cook walks into Northolme Police Station to report his wife missing, Detective Sergeant Catherine Bishop, still reeling from the repercussions…

Book Cover Art for Beacon by Chess Desalls. Design by Paper & Sage.

Beacon by Chess Desalls

Beacon by Chess Desalls recently got a new cover! About the story: When Serah’s life in Havenbrim becomes unbearable, she accepts an apprenticeship with a celestial mechanic and glazier.