Custom Cover Designs

I schedule artwork by the week* so that we have plenty of time to work together. A more thorough outline of the process can be found on the How it Works page, so please be sure to read over that, too.

There are two packages for Custom Cover designs: Economy and Pro. Each has the option of adding a print layout (the print layout pricing below assumes an ebook + print bundle purchase). The Pro package also offers several upgrade options, which will increase the time and resources spent on your cover, as well as the price. Please read the outline of each option below thoroughly. If you have any questions at that point, let me know.


Custom Cover: ECONOMY 

  • $100 ebook artwork**
  • +$50 full print layout (additional information will be needed to properly format your print cover, please view the full list.)
  • Artwork uses only one stock image
  • Stock image is chosen and provided by the client (though we are happy to review 2 or 3 image options you’ve chosen and offer an opinion before producing the first proof)
  • One mock-up and up to 2 revisions
  • Typesetting of title, author name and other text included, as well as possible minor changes to stock

Custom Cover: PRO

  • $300 ebook artwork**
  • +$50 full print layout (additional information will be needed to properly format your print cover, please view the full list.)
  • Up to 4 stock images included***
  • Stock images chosen and purchased by Paper & Sage (though we always welcome suggestions if you’ve found stock you like).
  • Up to 2 mock-ups and up to 3 revisions included
    • Please note that if an agent or publisher will be closely involved with the author during the design process, the multiple rounds of feedback on the project typically require a PRO Custom Design. Also, inform me of this ASAP.
  • Available upgrades to a PRO Custom Cover:
    • Character creation. This includes any requested changes to a model beyond hair and/or eye color.
    • Additional stock. For when more than 4 stock images are required for a design.
    • Additional resources. When a specific font, brushes or other resources that aren’t stock images must be purchased for a design.
    • Advanced manipulation. When manipulation needs are extensive and specific.

Payment Details & Scheduling: All invoicing is done through PayPal. I typically rely on a 50/50 payment plan: The first deposit, which is nonrefundable and nontransferable, secures your spot on my schedule and the final 50% will be paid when the artwork has been finalized, but before I release the full-resolution files.


*If you expect delays or other problems please notify me at least 2 weeks before the week you are scheduled and I will work within your schedule as much as possible. All files and other details necessary to begin designing should be delivered 8 to 5 business days prior to the Monday your project is scheduled, failure to have these resources ready may result in the loss of your deposit—after which a new deposit will be required to get back on the schedule.
**Prices may need to be adjusted depending upon the details of the project as well as the expected time investment and anticipated stock needs. I will notify you at the beginning of the project if the quote will differ from the above prices. If something comes up as the project develops that indicates a change in price, I will notify you as soon as possible so we may discuss how to proceed.

***The PRO option includes the price of stock photography, but please note that 1) if the cost of any one stock image exceeds $20, the excess will be billed to you and 2) once I transfer the final files to you, you are responsible to abide by the terms and conditions that apply to the purchased stock. A copy of those terms is available upon request.

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