Paper and Sage works with a variety of clients. From publishers to hybrid-authors, debut self-published (indie) authors to promotional designs for traditionally published authors and everything in-between.

We specialize in fiction (though we do accept non-fiction projects occasionally) and work across genres ranging from psychological thrillers and epic science fiction to young adult fantasy and new adult romance. Paper and Sage produces 4-6 covers a week and spends any spare time keeping up with current cover trends and other publishing news.

Our primary goal for every client is to create a cover that will help sell your book. In addition to scrolling through the pre-made and past custom covers, please feel free to browse through the library of reference and advice articles to get a better idea of how Paper and Sage can help you.


What We Do:

  • Pre-made book cover design (for more info, click here).
  • Custom book cover design (for more info, click here).
  • Promotional designs: social media banners, web banners, bookmark designs, business cards, etc. (for a more exhaustive list, click here).

What We Don’t:

  • Editing (however, we are happy to refer you to editors that have been recommended by other authors)
  • Marketing or Consulting (as a design company, we do not have the resources to offer either of these services)
  • Physical products (we do not produce books)

About the Designer

Christa has worked in the design industry since 2007, in a variety of media, including traditional printing (business cards, flyers, medical forms, etc.), photography and t-shirts.
In 2013, she saw a golden opportunity to combine her love of literature and design: with the self-publishing market growing and the need for professional covers, she could help bring other’s stories to life… or at least help make a good first impression.

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