Undone by Lysa Daley

eBook Cover Art for Undone by Lysa Daley design by Paper & Sage. http://paperandsage.com
eBook Cover Art for Undone by Lysa Daley


“Undone” is the third and highly anticipated final book in the action-packed “Dark Skies Trilogy” by best-selling author Lysa Daley.

Three months after the Draconians destroyed St. Benedicts, Astrid and the other survivors have been forced into hiding in an underground bunker beneath Washington D.C. Betrayed by Jax and Calliope, Astrid struggles to recover until a rogue Grey alien, who runs an intergalactic black market, gives Astrid a mysterious trinket that leads her to the Draconians’ underwater lair.

There Astrid will be forced to face off with Calliope knowing that the prophecy foretells only one sister will survive. But even if she triumphs over her evil star sister, will Astrid be strong enough to defeat the terrifying alien warrior known as the Crimson Lord as Earth teeters on the brink of a full-scale alien invasion?

Undone is available on Amazon today.
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