Optional Revisions to Pre-Made Covers

So, you’ve seen a cover you like and you’re thinking: “That’s almost perfect, but I wish…”

First, please understand that pre-mades are created as a unified design, and purchased as a whole. All changes listed on this page are an avenue for tweaking the cover.
Coming to a pre-made with the expectation of overhauling the entire design will, honestly, leave both of us disappointed. If you look at the list below and think ‘yes, I need all of those’,  you will be serving your story (and budget) better if you inquire about a custom cover instead. (An Economy Custom Cover package falls within the same general price-range as pre-mades.)
Please note: Pre-mades can not be sold without the title & author information (aka “just the picture”). This is a violation of stock licensing. Similarly, please request any and all necessary revisions to the art before giving approval. Any changes made to the approved final files violates the license applicable to pre-made covers.
Paper & Sage provides pre-made book cover design and not book cover stock art.

Three proofs are included with a pre-made purchase. Beyond that, each new proof will involve an additional charge.

Here are changes that can be made to pre-made covers free-of-charge:

  • Text – obviously, we’ll replace the current “filler” title with yours & put your name in rather than “author name”.
  • Fonts – current font too formal, too classic, too plain?  Let me know what you’d like instead: simply reference another cover on my site and I’ll use that font on your cover. If there are multiple fonts on the cover you reference, please be specific as to which you’d like me to use.
  • Font color – want more contrast? Less contrast? Orange? Purple? Please keep in mind, though, that some colors will not work and may make the text illegible.
  • Over-all coloring – would the design fit your story better with a warmer tone? Maybe a slight blue cast? (See the example of Into Wonderland’s transformation to Our Frozen Wings below). I’m happy to discuss if a design falls into this free revision, or will require extra cost (more details under “Specific Coloring” below).

Any changes beyond those listed above will require additional charges. Please discuss them with me before purchasing, so that I can give you an accurate quote! Examples of changes that are not covered in the purchase (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Title and/or image re-arrangement – I will likely have to tweak these elements to make your cover cohesive. However, any alteration to the design based on your specific instructions will involve an extra fee as it typically requires a lengthy re-layout of the art. This includes the title, the image, any other text on the cover, as well as any additional elements such as flourishes or frames.
  • Additional Text – If you’d like to add a tagline or series info (assuming the design doesn’t already include this “filler” text), please let me know. There will be an additional charge since it’ll likely require a re-arrangement of the layout (see above).
  • Eye or Hair Color – Sometimes we can make this change and other times we can’t. It depends heavily on the stock image, so please check with me before purchasing if a color change is needed. The same applies to clothing & object colors.
  • Specific coloring – Do you want to change the color of a specific item (or element) in the design? (See the example of Listen to the Rhythm’s transformation to The Stubbs and The Parlor’s change to Fallen below). Please go ahead and email me, and we can discuss the details and cost.

Finally, there are certain changes that simply aren’t available for pre-made covers, due to licensing, stock and other concerns. Premades can not be “upgraded” to custom designs. These changes include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Advanced photo manipulation
  • Incorporating additional stock / elements
  • Mirroring a cover by another author and/or designer

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